The #WomansMarch

An idea started by just a handful of women after the election of Donald Trump turned into something far greater than anyone could have imagined. Citizens across the country marched yesterday in defiance of Donald Trump. It was an unprecedented moment in American history. One I’m glad I was here to see. There’s never been […]

via The #WomensMarch — Johnny Reads


One thought on “The #WomansMarch

  1. I re blogged this from a fellow blogger..I wanted to show you what I replied with:

    I live in ATL, GA I wish with all my heart I had protested against a man who thinks he can say, do, and act out anything he wants. He thinks he’s a god…his ‘Walking Dead’ followers are blinded by what they think will happen, not by what they see is happening! He triumphs in the thought of touching every woman’s private parts and has no apology about it, but his reboot supporters STILL ignore all this cuz “HES GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD 🌎 IN JUST 6 months!

    The saddest thing of all is his racist, arrogant, narcissistic ways of doing everything! He interrupted news last night as BREAKING NEWS because he’s pissed off at the CIA & Media, what else is new, that they had the gaul to show that Obama had more citizens attend the inauguration in 2009 than trump did by just a FEW hundreds of thousands..1.5 million to 700,000..just a bit off as “the most historical inauguration” as Trump proclaimed the day before! Yeah..that’s breaking news..yeah that just increased my job search by hours instead of months! Thanks Trump! SMH 🤦‍♂️

    Lastly, his populist speech was only meant for HIS voters, not the ones who didn’t vote for him! That’s not unity! I was disgusted here on Friday night that ATL had fireworks for his day! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised..this is the most racism state for voting for a racist Prez…Funny how KKK is not happy with him cuz he hasn’t promised to get rid of non European immigrants by now…I wish I never moved here from NJ 10 years ago. It wasn’t worth it then & it’s getting worse now….Yeah I wished I had attended the protest..Sorry I get on my soap box for ‘Orange Cheese Puff’ & I can’t believe my USA 🇺🇸 was this dumb…Lord help us as we approach the next 100 days..I’m old enough to remember Watergate..let’s pray he was involved with Russia!


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