Carrie Fisher “the force is dark tonight”


Carrie Fisher, actress and author, was born just like any other baby, but this little girl was born to Hollywoods “pure Mom” Debbie Reynolds and “sometime dad” Eddie Fisher. She had a life like most children did in the late 1950’s and 1960’s, except her dad left her mom to marry Elizabeth Taylor, which left her with a single mom. Sounds like a lot of family’s today, except in those days, gossip was smeared all over the world, with no care to what it did to the kids. Nobody sued gossip rags, it was nothing to just open your door to a handful of cameras and reporters, from Debbie “I have nothing to say about Elizabeth and Eddie”. She raised her children the best way she could with delicate love and handling, but did Carries upbringing cause her problems with her Mom later in life, as in Carries book “Postcards from the Edge”? Did her problems with drugs get passed down from her father, due to his addictions?

Does it really matter how a person was raged and the problems they have later in life? We all have issues in our own families. Carrie was a true Hollywood icon. We loved her in “Shampoo” even though it was a few lines and scenes, the movie showed her sexuality towards Warren Beatty, she showed she could act and wasn’t just Debbie Reynolds daughter. Then the showcase movie “Star Wars” where no one could ever play Princess Leia, and no one could ever wear that “gold bikini” in “Return of the Jeti” either. She had wit and comedic element in “When Harry met Sally”, the movie could not have been as funny as it was without Carrie.

Every celebrity and icons in their own way have been paying their tributes all day long. I’m not a celebrity, and I never will be. I’m a simple woman who admired this woman Carrie Fisher. When you read that an icon died at such a young age of 60 from a heart attack, it makes me sad and angry. We’ve lost a mother, an actress, a brilliant author, a daughter and a sister to a heart attack. Just 1 day before getting on board the plane to bring her home from England, she shared moments with friends and admirers alike. She was loved by so many, she will not only be missed, but she was just beginning to get back in the public view and in Hollywood. My heart is aching and it goes out to her daughter Billie Lourd. She was one of a kind, brilliant, feisty, strong in every way, and wise among her young 60 years old.

Carrie “may the force be with you as you stream to the Stars ✨




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